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What is crowdsourcing and what qualifies as a green building these days?

The central focus of "crowdsourcing " is to provide a community of future customers the creative ability to collaborate on a variety of matters concerning the overall development of a project, such as unit sizes or how green a building can be. This powerful yet largely undiscovered approach is now the driver for conscious consumers and what will be the catalyst for sustainable & attainable development going forward.

So what makes a building green these days, well that power has been turned over to YOU the conscious consumer through the efforts of CoolTown Beta Communities & Green DC Realty. This exciting approach to developing attainably priced green condos affords an ever growing class of creatives the ability to develop with environmental, social and economic benefits. With crowdsourcing, delivering this triple bottom line is much more attainable today.

As for where CoolTown Beta Communities & Green DC Realty are headed, we have set forth on a unique effort with The Menkiti Group to bring to Washington DC the nation's first ever crowdsourcing for green development, now known as Sherman Green. This innovative partnership is setting to bridge the divide that we currently see between green building and the real estate industry on a whole as a unique triple bottom line approach to developing sustainably and attainably priced condos is now here.

To become a part of this bold initiative and learn where & when the Bearden Arts Building effort will be taking shape join the Beta Community and be a waive rider as the tides of development shift towards sustainable & attainable.

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